I discovered Dobermann long time ago, not by chance but because I was dreaming of a quite specific type of dog: a dog with flat coat, very elegant & glorious, coragious, intelligent, sensitive & magnetic. A dog who would combine force & grace, power & bravity, and I also wished a dog of defense. Such a dog existed, it was called "DOBERMANN"!
          I've never regreted for my choice but vice versa!!!!!!!!....... Dob entered my life & charmed me!!!!!!!!!!...................
          My first Dobermann was a male, my "ALGO OF VERTEMUSE" with who I shared 14 years of Love & insane complicity. Then, GILDA, TESS, SWANA, TAVRIDA, BELLA-VIRNA, CALYSTA entered my life and, finally, my pretty E'FEDIA. and then, let's not forget my little EVENDER, CALYSTA's son!
          I can't find the words to describe Dobermann............. It's an exceptional dog a feeling for which goes under my skin. I have an Infinite Love for all my dogs & they return it to me multiplied to hundred. They don't stop surprising me & life with them is a Passionate Adventure. I would also like to introduce my Babies to you.
          I hope that you will like my site and that I will be able to transmit my message of Love to the Fantastic dog which is "Dobermann"!
With Friendship.