Here is a short story!

          I was going to meet my handler at IDC 2007 in Desio (world championship for dobermanns) to present my two females at the show, & he came with a box for cat on his arm; of course curiosity made me to have a look inside, & there I found that little thing whose name was Felina!
    (a copy of a dobermann!)
          He'd just came back from Serbia where Felina was born at "VON MASTERHOF" kennel of Mr VESIC RADE, & he was meant to deliver the small female to Germany before the show, but the people who ordered her refused to take her because she had natural ears & tail!
          The continuation of the story is clear, now she's a part of my big family, & I don't regret absolutely for the command of my heart for her, she is simply marvellous !!!!!!!!!!!
          In the photos you can see ANIE VON MASTERHOF named "Felina" at her 4 months old on the left, & her father the grand international champion JOKER SHOW LUCKY L.MAX on the right.

          Today I thank the destiny for making it happen.......